Envirmental Policy

In our work we are committed to the principle of environmental protection of our country.

We permanently find new ways of development in all spheres concerned with environment.

We define ecological aspects, trace the effect and types of harm caused to the environment.

We must minimize the contamination of environment and the level of wastes, as well as the effect of harmful wastes..

Our employees and sub-contractors receive continuous training and are motivated to do it.

When defining our aims in this respect we regularly find new prospects for our activity. In this connection we are constantly developing the system of environmental management.

The use of open communication with the public by means of mass media has become a principle for us.

Mission and vision. Our Company for gathering and recycling wastes which have become a world-wide problem constructed in 2006 a building with closed space of 1031 sq.m. and total space of 3600 sq.m. in the area of Veliköy San.