Scrap Bag

Scrap Debris Dumper

Baled situation exists between our firm and kırmalık scrap pieces products.

Previously used, leaving scraps are used in rubble sack we call pulses. This works because the bags are cheap, repair and reconstruction work is often available in the rubble and throw a sack kind of useless material business.

This is still mixed bags. That may be as plain can also be colored in white. Size may differ from each other. But generally it can be in different sizes from 55x80 to 60x115 cm. Weights range from 50 to 110 grams.

Although used sacks, the sacks are necessarily revised in the first intake. Torn, ripped or eliminated, which erupted as possible. But because it is used in measurement between pulses will not prevent the debris, and deformation may be small holes in the bag.